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About me

Hello, I’m Alex Kowalik. If you’ve found yourself diving into one of my articles, you’re probably curious about the person behind the screen. My journey into the world of IT wasn’t the smooth sail you’d expect. It was actually a rather turbulent ride that blossomed into an unplanned adventure.

My career began in the corridors of a renowned tech company, where I was swiftly climbing the corporate ladder. However, the winds of change blew harshly, and a sudden restructuring left me without a stable job. What felt like a catastrophic blow initially turned out to be the catalyst I needed. Fueled by a mix of necessity and an untamable curiosity, I decided to venture into the unknown and create my own startup.

What you’ve likely read on this site are distilled drops of experience from that voyage – the high-gravity challenges, the victories worth savoring, and the mistakes that became my best teachers. Here, I blend reviews, tips, and raw insights to provide you with valuable content straight from the trenches. While the path hasn’t been traditional, it’s this unpredictability that infuses my articles with a unique perspective. Welcome to my corner of the internet.