The world is full of innovative processes shaping all aspects of human activity. Mobile information technology, virtualization, and cloud computing help professionals in various fields, such as corporate mobility, mobile information trading systems, and mobile commerce. Today, mobile operating systems based on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS are distributed everywhere, as well as smartphones and tablets on the platforms of these systems. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t use mobile devices every day.

The new mobile devices have become more comfortable, light, and ergonomic. Many stationary computing devices can challenge them in the question of efficiency. Thus, their memory and performance are comparable. They have browsers that use an innovative web application development language, such as HTML5. It is one of the most revolutionary technologies in modern programming, which helps to make the user interface of these devices more functional and dynamic. There are a huge number of mobile applications that run based on HTML5. The JetX game for mobile devices is one of them.

Many more innovative technologies have become useful for the modern entertainment industry. Blockchain and user interface software are two of them. This article will explain essential technology for the modern gaming industry and how mobile applications like the casino Jet X are implemented.

casino Jet X
Jet X

Innovative technologies at modern online casinos

In the modern world, companies have a low level of funding for information infrastructure in different fields. On average, businesses spend only 1 % of their annual revenue on IT implementation. The information technology industry is becoming one of the most influential in the global market, so many companies are tending to keep pace with the pace of global digitalization. Consider several essential information technologies that greatly impact the online casino industry.

UX design

With the reach of the Internet and mobile gadgets worldwide, consumer preferences have changed, and technology has become more digital. As a result, tools for ergonomic web platforms and mobile applications have become important for the Internet business. One of them is user experience.

User experience characterizes a mobile application’s usability related to the design and functionality of websites and apps. User experience applies not only to customers but also to employees. It is linked with particular functions and communications. As a result, the experience of using the mobile app builds the reputation of the online casino brand and improves the quality of services. Also, the customer experience is a similar tool that characterizes the quality of interaction with the brand throughout the client’s experience.


Blockchain is a complex system with huge amounts of confidential information that can be extracted from blocks only under the condition of their editing by miners. These blocks contain transaction information, sender and receiver data, and amount of trading.

Initially, blockchain technology was created so enterprise specialists could keep information completely safe. The blockchain system includes thousands of nodes; no fraudulent schemes can crack them. Users can view any information about particular transactions. However, the information about the participants of the operation is encrypted with the so-called keys. For tools, miners use RSA and ECDSA encryption techniques.

5G high-speed internet

In addition, one of the essential technologies for the modern online entertainment industry is a fifth-generation high-speed internet. These so-called high-speed broadband information networks have an enormous information transmission rate in cellular networks and data networks. Five years ago, they were several orders of magnitude lower.

Because of this innovative technology, modern online casinos can also implement other techniques and tools. For example, the Jet X game download became available in new modes. Also, the promising field of the progress of modern casinos in this direction is gambling with a live dealer. This service is unavailable in all online casinos today since it requires high technology. For example, 5G and high-speed locations of 4G help users communicate with dealers via video communication and avoid experiencing problems with low-latency video streaming.

Slots machines
Slots machines


Many industries have widely implemented innovative information technologies. Among them are data collection of terminals on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in wholesale and retail warehouses, self-service terminals in supermarkets, and GPS navigation to locate mobile devices. In recent years, smartphones and tablets and platforms like SAP, IBM, and Microsoft brands have spread worldwide. Because of these innovative devices, specialists can integrate employees’ smartphones into the enterprise’s information infrastructure.

Corporate mobility has become one of the leading trends in modern gambling. Its implementation gave millions of gambling professionals access to basic corporate systems and resources in the process of decision-making and achieving goals. Also, advanced communication tools in the casinos that promote projects like the JetX demo game and mobile terminal service systems operate in the coverage area of the information network of the particular company.

As for fields far from business, gamblers create a friendly community that shares useful tips with other users. For example, they can learn to refresh the game and create JetX game tricks for successful bets. You can also try innovative features from developers and gamblers. Have a secure Internet surfing and exciting betting!