High level of competition in the restaurant business requires special attention to the quality of service. Automation systems can simplify the work of the staff and provide a personalized approach to each customer. Special software for the restaurant allows the owner to control the work of the personnel, track all inner processes, increase sales and reduce costs, as well as simplify the work of the management.

Automation systems combine the supervision of the kitchen, restaurant hall, cashier, and warehouse. The staff can fully manage sales process: take an order from a client, make a payment, and issue a receipt.

Areas where such systems can be used

The use of special software allows to optimize all areas of the restaurant business at a maximum level. Depending on the user access level, the hardware and software complex is divided into two parts – front office and back office.

The front office covers all processes related to client service, namely:

  1. Hall. An employee takes an order from a client and enters it into the system. For this purpose a stationary terminal can be used, as well as smartphones and tablets with special software. The filled in order is transferred to the kitchen. Automation at this stage speeds up the information transfer process and reduces the possibility of error.
  2. Kitchen. Information about the order is always available to the chefs. The list of dishes is shown on the display or placed in a visible place as a printout. The task goes to the completed state when the order is complete and checked.
  3. Cashier. When the client has finished his meal, he receives a pre-check with a list of ordered dishes and their cost. It’s main function is informational. Then the client can choose a convenient way of payment and pay for the order, after that he is given a receipt.
Software for a restaurant

The back office user has access to all system components, which makes it possible to manage the business. It contains the following blocks:

  1. Warehouse. Automation makes it possible to keep a complete record of products received into the warehouse and claimed from it, as well as to track the movement of raw materials within the restaurant. When products are received, the user enters them into a common database, from which information can be retrieved at any time. When products are transferred to the kitchen, they are deducted from the warehouse balance.
  2. Customer service. A system of promotions and rewards for guests is important for the restaurant business. With the help of automation systems it is possible to make discounts for regular customers, or manage the delivery of dishes around the city.
  3. All tracked data is formed into reports, on the basis of which the accountant calculates employees salaries and provides information to the tax authorities.
  4. Automated systems allow to analyze the productivity of the company and the effectiveness of each employee.

Front-office block is easily integrated into the work of a functioning restaurant or cafe, it will take no more than 2-3 days to configure it. The back office block will require a little more time due to the significant amount of data entered into the program.

Popular software for a restaurant or a cafe

The market provides an extensive choice of software with different functionality, from expensive to almost free. It is recommended to give preference to software that has been in use for a long time and has already proven its effectiveness.


The program has existed for more than 30 years and is used in more than 40 countries. It is suitable both for a small café with small revenues and for a large restaurant chain. It contains all the necessary modules for the restaurant business, but does not synchronize with third-party services for table reservations or bonuses charge.


This convenient automation system appeared on the market more than 10 years ago. It allows to implement additional modules and create loyalty programs. It’s suitable for enterprises of any size. The disadvantage is that it is difficult for new employees to learn.


This software has a user-friendly interface, it includes an online cash register and the ability to work with franchises. It keeps access to functionality even when the Internet is down.


It’s an inexpensive service with a minimalistic interface. This program allows to make all kinds of reports, implement loyalty programs and transfer tips to waiters by QR-code. It’s suitable for anti-cafes and similar projects.

Due to the high competition in the catering market, businesses are ready to fight for every client. Automation systems allow to optimize all processes, reduce costs, control the availability and quality of raw materials and, as a consequence, to improve the quality of service, making the business as client-oriented as possible.