The essence of VR technology interests many of the modern people. It is a virtual reality technology that helps a person immerses him in a non-existent world by means of special usage equipment such as a virtual reality helmet. VR technology creates a complete and detailed human immersion in a computer environment that literally surrounds the user and helps him feel all his acts as real. This technology includes a 360-degree image and video in its more general meaning. By achieving full immersion, the user will not even be able to distinguish the rendering from reality. Regular upgrade of this technology is its main goal.

VR tech usage advantages

Many people thought that this technology had only an entertaining essence. However, there is a significant disadvantage, which is related to the cost of the equipment and service package for the realization of this tech. On average, the cheapest VR set costs at least 45000 roubles.

However, modern VR technology is more than just toys. For example, specialists apply this to various studies, and this helped them to find out the extent to which the therapeutic effect was favourable. As part of the research, scientists have discovered that virtual reality helps a person to better experience the degree of pain and develop the level of activity of different areas of his brain.

For example, patients who took part in this study experienced approximately 55% less pain during actual painful procedures in the process of virtual reality experience.

In the modern world, developers are introducing VR technologies into the field of experimental psychology everywhere. This phenomenon has several unique features. Among them are:

  • Virtual reality is characterized by an increased degree of ecological success, it stimulates general conditions of complex character to perform cognitive function tests in conditions that will be as similar as possible to natural ones.
  • Time is controlled by users. So people have the opportunity to portray an episode that takes them on the road from the past to the future past the present and completely relive it repeatedly.
  • You can establish full control over the person being tested and it will be difficult for you to get away from virtual reality, and due to stimulation from outside, the research will not be disturbed by small factors.

All these factors are the minimum you need to be able to effectively and usefully promote VR tech in experimental psychology because it helps modern specialists create new perspectives in this field.

VR technology includes educational factors too. Therefore, today, Google offers its specialized virtual reality helmets to consumers for educational institutions. Through their use, schoolchildren were able to visit real battlefields and even see historical sites that are located in other countries. Of course, not all schools have adopted these programs, but specialists are doing a lot of work in this field anyway.

The rapid development of VR technologies also affects other areas of human activity, such as military industry, design, event broadcasting and sales. So today, this tech is no longer a prospect, it’s our reality and part of everyday life as it is applied almost everywhere.