Although the robot revolution is still far away, modern society has already achieved incredible results. Today we will tell you about the most exciting developments in this field. We have collected a list of the most unique, bright, and innovative products, especially for you. They certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Alright, it’s time to be surprised.

A robot that does parkour

Not so long ago, developers created a robot that could do parkour and jump over boxes and logs.The developers took a lot of time to create this robot. Not all attempts were successful. But still, they managed to achieve what they wanted.The creators wanted to inspire everyone and show them great progress in robotics development.

Intuitive platform for surgery

Although robotic surgery is not new, it continues to develop successfully and rapidly. Recently, scientists have created a true flagship in the market for such robots. To be more precise, they have developed a unique platform that can put a surgical instrument into the human body through a thin tube.

This is an example of a completely innovative, minimally invasive surgery. This system has already been approved for urological procedures. At the moment, such methods are being delivered to customers.

A soft robot that can move and grow

Robotics has long successfully borrowed essential principles of the structure of the animal world. However, this design successfully combines the imitation of the movement of mushrooms and tendrils during growth, and this is a true breakthrough.

This is an excellent example of bio-inspired design. The developers did not just copy wildlife, they used the principle, and then successfully expanded it. The tubular robot gradually unfolds under pneumatic pressure. But it grows at the same speed as a walking animal. Besides, he successfully applies the camera feedback and moves.


Elastomers for soft robots

Soft robotics is a discipline that is growing especially fast.However, powering these modern devices without pumps and motors is a big problem.The developers suggest using all kinds of materials that can change their shape to create artificial muscles. For example, the list of such materials includes elastomeric mechanisms.

Nanoscale robots

It is wrong to think of robots only as giant metal machines. Nowadays, scientists are successfully working to create nanoscale robots from DNA, and the first such remote-controlled robotic arm was made a year ago.

Scientists have created a piece of DNA that works as a manipulator. After that, they attached it with a flexible sleeve to the base of the DNA. They used the ability of DNA to carry charges to make the manipulator spin like a clock hand.During the rotation, the voltage was applied and it changed along with the direction of rotation. Scientists will find a way to use this robotic arm to create nanoscale materials from their fragments.

Robot with wings

Robotics not only borrows something from biology but also pays it back. For example, engineers from the Netherlands were able to create an unusual robot with wings. The invention was intended to show how an animal moves and escapes from predators.

The laboratory has been working on developing waving robots for a long time. This time the engineers decided not to use the tail they used on their previous models. Instead, they chose to focus on the movement of the wings. This helped the robot hover and flip over. The invention became helpful in the study of flight dynamics.