Active users of smartphones and tablets occasionally find themselves in a situation where the application is unavailable. The most common reason for this is:

  1. Unavailable for users from a region. The owners of Android devices sometimes cannot find the right program in Play Market simply because the studio-developer of mobile software for some reason set a regional limit on its software.
  2. Applications that are incompatible with the user device. Sometimes, Play Market does not allow downloading a mobile application, hiding behind the fact that it is incompatible with the device on which users want to install it. The problem is that, in fact, such a program on a device works perfectly well. However, the limitation is because the developer made such a decision for some reasons. It is usually just because the development studio did not have time to perform the necessary tests. Consequently, it simply breathes its activity in a way that does not create risks and does not receive negative feedback. In this case, the restriction is likely to be temporary, but many users do not want to wait long for the situation to change.
  3. A program has been removed from Play Market. This is not uncommon. In that case, you will not be able to download the program from the official application store. Moreover, with the new version of Play Market, it is no longer possible to download the old version. This is bad, because not every update is useful. Sometimes, some valuable functions are lost because of them that many mobile smartphone and tablet owners want to see in their collection.

How to download any application

NETGEAR Analytics app
NETGEAR Analytics

If an Android user fails to find the right program in Play Market, they can use one of two methods. The first is to use VPN services. The second is to  Android app download trough special websites that publish a variety of software, both simple helper programs such as NETGEAR Analytics, and various special applications.

VPN usage

VPN is the most convenient, simple and safe way to circumvent restrictions. Unfortunately, it only works when the user is unable to download an application due to a regional lock. We can give you one piece of advice if you’re using VPN, which is, you have to control the country where the server is located. In addition, if the application you need never appeared in the official Google store, you should connect to the network via another server.

Special websites for file downloading

Using this option is not a bad method. This is because users have to download APK files. Within the boundaries of the Android, they are the same as EXE files in Windows, in other words, they are executable files, which means they may have vulnerabilities in the form of viruses or other malware. However, if you download these programs from reliable and popular catalogue sites, you won’t have to worry about the risks because:

  1. Such sites scrutinize every published application. That’s why vulnerable programs can get in there with as much trouble as Play Market. This is why users who download APK files from such resources do not risk the safety of their smartphones and tablets.
  2. Upgrades are small risk, as, hypothetically, instead of the official new version, dummy applications from unscrupulous developers may have previously gone through. Nevertheless, developers have long solved this problem. In today’s world, every developer puts on the application a unique digital signature that would be difficult to forge. Moreover, when replacing the old version with the new one, the site will scan what the official developer is doing, while third parties will not be able to commit such a violation due to enhanced security on the site.